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Articles 8, 13, 14, and 21 of the General Regulation of Data Protection – RGPD 

The respect for the Hospitality Contract website users, for the protection of their data and of all those who deal directly or indirectly with our services and company are absolutely the priority for us.

On the Hospitality Contract website it is important that you realize that we are completely transparent in the information that we present and also in the information that we collect and handle about who browse our website.

So, whenever you visit our web page you are presented with a message that invites you to read and accept our privacy policy. By accepting our privacy policy, we will store the IP address used by your computer, the date and the hour, only for the purposes of registration and proof.

In addition, our website also collects a variety of information – anonymous and never trying to identify the user – through the system Google Analytics, this way being able to obtain these data, statistics about the type of users, preferences, location and other anonymous and general information, with the goal of being able to provide the best content and optimize our services and website.

The place on our website where personal data is collected is in the Contacts Form, and that data is used only for the purpose indicated and is not used for any other commercial purposes.

One more thing: note that in your browser on the left side of the address of our website you see a padlock, closed and green color, which ensures that communications with our website are completely secure!
Our website / web server uses HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) technology , which is an implementation of the HTTPprotocol over an additional layer of security that uses SSL/TLS protocol. This additional layer enables data to be transmitted through an encrypted connection and verifies the authenticity of the server and of the client through digital certificates.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all URL in this paper are functional at the time of reading. All the URL presented in this data protection declaration are verified as correct and active at the time of the writing of this document; however, we cannot guarantee that the URL for external websites remain functional over time, because such URL are subject to change at the discretion of the external website owner.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:

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This website uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system through an Internet browser. Cookies allow us to recognize the website users. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to navigate. For example, a website user that uses cookies does not need to enter access data each time the website is accessed, because it is assumed by the website, and the cookie is stored on the user’s computer system.

The owner of the data (the user) may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies on our website by means of a corresponding setting of the Internet browser used and therefore deny the cookies setting. In addition, the cookies that have already been configured can be deleted at any time through an Internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in all popular browsers and is commonly called “clear cookies”. If the owner of the data disables the setting of cookies in the Internet browser used, not all of the features of our website may be fully usable.



This website collects some general data and information when a data holder or an automated system accesses the website. These data and general information are stored in the log files of the server. The data collected can be composed by (1) browser types and versions used, (2) the operating system used by the system that pays for the access, (3) the website through which the system arrives to our website (called the referent), (4) the subsites, (5) the date and time you access the Internet website, (6) an Internet protocol address (IP address), (7) the Internet service provider system that accesses the website and (8) any other data and similar information that can be used in case of an attack to our information technology systems.

By using these data and general information, we don’t take conclusions on the data subject. Instead, this information is necessary to (1) deliver the content of our website properly, (2) optimize the content of our website, as well as the advertisements, (3) ensure the long-term viability of our information technology systems and technology of the website, and (4) to provide the law enforcement authorities with the information necessary for the penal process in the case of a cyber-attack. Therefore, we analyze the data and information statistically collected, with the goal of increasing the protection and security of our company’s data and ensure a great level of protection for the personal data that we treat. The anonymous data from the log files of the server are stored separately from any personal data provided by a data holder.



This website uses the system of collecting anonymous data for analysis and web usage statistics. Web analytics is the collection, aggregation, and analysis of data about the behavior of websites visitors. A web analytics service collects, inter alia, data about the website from which a person came from, which pages are viewed, or with what frequency and what duration was viewed the page. These analyses are used primarily to generate statistical reports to allow the optimization of a website and to perform a cost-benefit analysis of Internet advertising. The data relating to each user are stored for 50 months, after which it is permanently deleted.

The operator of the component of Google Analytics is Google, Inc., 1600 Anphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States of America.

Google Analytics places a cookie in the information technology system of the data holder. The definition of cookies is explained above. With the cookie setting, Google can analyse the use of our website. With each call to one of the individual pages of this Internet website, which is operated by the controller and in which a component of the Google Analytics has been integrated, the Internet browser on the data holder information technology system will automatically send data through a component of the Google Analytics for the purposes of online advertising and the settlement of commissions to Google. During this technical procedure, the company Google gains knowledge of personal information, such as the IP address of the data holder, which enables Google to, among other things, understand the origin of visitors and clicks and, subsequently, set commissions.

The cookie is used to store personal information, such as time of access, the location from which the access was made, and the frequency of visits to our website by the owner of the data. With each visit to our website, such personal data, including the IP address of the Internet access used by the data holder, will be transmitted to Google in the United States of America. These personal data are stored by Google in the United States of America. Google may pass the personal data collected through this technical procedure to a third party.

The data holder may, as indicated above, prevent the setting of cookies on our website at any time by means of a corresponding adjustment of the web browser used and, therefore, deny permanently the setting of cookies. This adjustment to the browser will also prevent Google Analytics to set a cookie in the data holder information technology system. In addition, the cookies that are already used by Google Analytics can be deleted at any time through the web browser or other software programs.

In addition, the data holder has the possibility to oppose to a collection of data that are generated by Google Analytics, which is related to the use of this website, as well as the treatment of these data by Google. For this, the data holder must download a browser add-on address in and install it. This browser add-on tells the Google Analytics – via JavaScript – that any data and information about visits to pages on the Internet may not be transmitted to Google Analytics. The browser add-on installation is considered an objection by Google. If the data holder information technology system is later deleted, formatted, or newly installed, the data holder should reinstall the browser add-on to disable Google Analytics. If the browser add-on has been uninstalled by the data holder, or by any other person that is attributable to his sphere of competence, or is disabled, it is possible to perform the reinstallation, or reactivation of the browser add-on.

More information and the provisions of applicable data protection at Google can be found at and also in Google Analytics is explained in



Article 6(1)(a) of RGPD serves as the legal basis for the processing operations, for which we obtain the consent for the purpose of specific treatment.

If the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of a contract to which the data holder is a party – as is the case, for example, when the processing operations are necessary for the supply of goods, or to provide any other service – the treatment is effected on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) of the RGPD. The same applies to the processing operations necessary for the implementation of the measures on pre-contractual, for example in the case of queries about our products or services.

If our company is subject to a legal obligation by which the processing of personal data is required – such as to comply with tax obligations – the treatment is based on Article 6(1)(c) of the RGPD.

Finally, the processing operations can be based on Article 6(1)(f) of the RGPD. This legal basis is used for processing operations which are not covered by any of the legal foundations mentioned above, if the processing is necessary for the legitimate interests held by our company or by a third party, except when those interests are outweighed by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data. Such treatment operations are particularly allowed because they were specifically mentioned by the European legislator, who considered that a legitimate interest might be assumed if the holder of the data is a controller client (Recital 47 Sentence 2 of the RGPD).



Whenever our personal data treatment is based on Article 6(1)(f) of RGPD, our legitimate concern is the achievement of our business in favor of the well-being of all our employees and shareholders.



By default, the data collected on our website are stored for 50 days. However, the criteria used to determine the personal data storage period are their legal retention period. In these cases, after the expiration of that period, the corresponding data are routinely deleted, provided they are not necessary anymore for the compliance of the contract or the beginning of a contract.



The Hospitality Contract website contains a Contact Form that allows a quick electronic contact with our company. If a data holder contacts Hospitality Contract by e-mail or through the contact form, the personal data transmitted by the data subject is automatically stored and used only for that specific purpose. There is no transfer of personal data to third parties.


This website may contain hyperlinks (links) to other electronic sites (websites). We are not responsible for the privacy policies of those websites. It is recommended that users, when accessing the other websites, refer to the pages that, within these sites, refer to their privacy policies.



As a responsible company, we restrain ourselves from making decisions or setting profiles automatically based on the information collected.



In case of doubt or clarification of any aspect of our Privacy Policy, please inform our company by means and/or contacts listed in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was published on 26 june, 2018


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